Presentation (English)

fontNbleau is the first climbing guide application to the forest of Fontainebleau designed for Android smartphones and tablets.

This application will enable you to find your way around one of the world’s largest bouldering areas by guiding you to the forest’s many different sites and boulders, circuits and parking areas.

As a complement to the printed guidebooks available in bookshops, you can now use new technology to avoid ever getting lost in the forest again, thanks to the GPS of your smartphone or tablet. Discover 244 different climbing areas, the starts of 310 bouldering circuits and what currently stands at 6,123 geotagged problems, a number that increases as the app is updated.

You can also save your own spots from GPS position or long-click on the map and share them with kml files, arrange meeting places with your friends by SMS or email by using Google Map links or the fontNbleau app itself, or compile your own personal list of problems climbed and current projects. 

Use offline maps available in MBtiles format to avoid data consuming.

Links to the leading online resource are given for all the areas, circuits or boulder problems that are listed on the website.

Useful addresses (accomodations, camping, eating out and other cool spots) are also provided.

fontNbleau is provided in both French and English. The application takes its name from the abbreviations used by English-speaking and French-speaking climbers respectively – font and bleau – to describe the Fontainebleau forest.